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The most environmentally friendly and energy-saving green house

while most people are still worried about the astronomical number on the fuel bill, Jeff and Kate tenstall are already enjoying the benefits of green and energy-saving houses. Architects have combined British building technology with German energy technology to design a very special green and energy-saving house for British families. The annual fuel cost of a family is only 70 pounds. This comfortable energy-efficient house will be built in Huddersfield, West Yorks, and is expected to be completed in February next year

the most energy-efficient green house in Britain

without complex design and expensive machines, such as renewable energy machines such as wind turbines and ground source heat pumps, green energy-saving houses create a "insulation" effect. It relies on simple design and careful construction. Like a "sunflower", it has always been sunny, and its thermal insulation performance far exceeds the standard required by the British government building regulations. This ensures complete air and wind tightness. Moist air will not enter the building, and the hot air inside will not run out of the house, but the air inside the house is always fresh. Thanks to the mechanical heat recovery ventilation system, fresh air is brought in from the outside, and 99% of the heat inside is brought by the hot air outside

green energy-saving buildings have a unique design and construction management style. The German computer software package is used to deal with this signal by the processor to measure the air tightness and energy efficiency of the house. Bill tuff, the project manager, said, "you can buy flatpack energy-saving houses in Germany, but the materials are completely different. They use solid walls, and polystyrene pasted outside the house can be used for insulation."

British Jeff and Kate tenstall saw energy-saving houses in Germany and came up with a sudden inspiration to design British green energy-saving houses

people were not used to such energy-saving houses at first, because they were built by British builders with block brick walls, hollow walls and stones. The most important thing in building energy-saving houses is quality control and on-site detail monitoring. Everything needs to be monitored from the beginning to the end to ensure that there are no loopholes

the builders are going to build three bedrooms in the beautiful Victoria Garden, with a cost budget of 140000 pounds

after completion, the owner of the house will enjoy floor heating equipment, rarely make a fire by himself, and the fuel cost will be reduced by 90%

warmth these additives strengthen materials and enhance the degradability of sunlight through windows, generating all the heat needed for heating and cooking. Jeff, a retired art and design teacher, was very surprised to see this energy-saving house when he traveled to Germany. He said, "we are very impressed by this. They look like ordinary modern houses, with no flash, but in fact they are very different. The temperature outside is minus 2 degrees Celsius, but inside it is as warm as spring. People live in it very healthy and comfortable. And they are very energy-saving, which is the most important."

according to experts, green housing must pay attention to this point. Housing refers to the effective use of natural resources and high-tech achievements in the construction and use of housing under the guidance of sustainable development strategy, so as to minimize the resource consumption and environmental pollution of buildings, and create a comfortable, beautiful and clean living space for human beings. The specific content of green housing includes six aspects: first, the planning and design are reasonable, and the buildings are coordinated with the environment. The room is well lighted and ventilated, and the peculiar smell gas in the kitchen and bathroom can be emitted in an instant. 2、 The enclosure structure of the house is resistant to cold and heat insulation, and the sealing performance and sound insulation effect of doors and windows meet the specifications and standards. 3、 For heating, cooling and cooking, try to use clean energy, natural energy or renewable energy. 4、 Drinking water meets national standards. The drainage is deeply purified and reaches the standard of recyclable utilization. 5、 The interior decoration is simple and applicable, and the chemical pollution is lower than the specified index of environmental protection. 6、 There is enough outdoor space, the greening coverage rate of the community is not less than 40%, and there is no bare ground

building energy-saving green houses will cost 15% more than ordinary houses, but the energy saved by energy-saving houses for residents and our planet is huge, and it may become the blueprint for building houses in Britain in the future

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