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With the continuous promotion of the integration process of industrialization and industrialization in China's manufacturing industry, many enterprises have taken the lead in launching the intelligent manufacturing mode, and the corresponding information management has also met a more severe test. How to reduce the cost of informatization construction and operation and maintenance? How to get rid of complicated management? How to provide an efficient basic platform for business innovation? The cloud data center of Suzhou Mingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. calmly answered the above questions with super fusion technology

green manufacturing promotes the improvement of production efficiency

under the policy guidance of green water 1, zcgw (4) 0b/50b steel bar bending experimental machine, Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan, China's manufacturing industry has gradually entered the development idea with green intelligent manufacturing as the main line. Among the first batch of green manufacturing system demonstration list in 2017 published by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Mingzhi technology has successfully ranked among the first 201 green factories in the country. It has independently developed core making equipment and precision core assembly casting technology, realizing that all processes from core making, core assembly, pouring, unpacking, post-processing to machining and testing are completed by robots; Through the MES control system, the production plan, quality, equipment and production process are monitored and managed in an all-round way, which greatly improves the production efficiency and production quality

three problems that affect the IQ of manufacturing plants

however, to achieve green intelligent manufacturing is by no means as simple as a slogan, which requires the cooperation of enterprise informatization and high IQ. Previously, Mingzhi technology's information brain, the data center that supports all business systems of the company, had many problems. According to the head of IT Department of Mingzhi technology, the previous data centers mainly used traditional virtualization technology, but due to the increasing number of business systems, high construction costs, increasingly frequent information security incidents, cumbersome operation and maintenance and management work have become an important obstacle to the development of informatization

first, the cost of informatization remains high. Servers, virtualization software, optical fiber switches, storage, firewalls, and operation and maintenance software all need to be purchased separately, and the stacking of equipment has also led to the continuous rise of computer room space, energy consumption, and it operation and maintenance costs

second, internal safety management needs to be improved. Because the firewall and other security equipment are in the export area, the access between businesses in the data center lacks a security mechanism, which is prone to unauthorized access to confidential data and potential security risks of the intersection of office and production businesses

third, it operation and maintenance management continues to increase pressure. With the large increase of business types and the close connection with the normal operation of the production workshop, the requirements of it operation and maintenance guarantee work are becoming higher and higher. The traditional operation and maintenance methods need to debug and operate virtualization, storage, network and security respectively. Not only does daily management need to switch back and forth in each system, but once problems are found, it is impossible to locate the source of the fault at the first time

data center upgrade is imminent

one box is the cloud to complete the data center upgrade

after various investigations and comprehensive tests, Mingzhi technology finally chose the super converged cloud computing solution designed by Ruijie for it, and completed the transformation and upgrading of one box is the cloud in the data center by using the innovative characteristics of hardware convergence + software convergence + software and hardware convergence

in the process of implementation, Mingzhi technology formed a virtualized resource pool of integrated management with the help of a rg-uds 4000m ultra integrated machine and its built-in RG-1, performance standard: hg2369 (9) 2gb/t17200 (1) 997jcos cloud management platform, meeting the high-performance requirements of core applications such as enterprise MES control system, ERP business platform, Oracle database, etc. At the same time, the original four high-performance servers of Mingzhi technology have also been reused, and integrated into the system through the virtualization function of the super fusion system. On the basis of meeting the business needs, the number of equipment has been greatly reduced, and the overall cost of information construction and management has been reduced

in addition, after adopting the cloud security function of Ruijie network super fusion system, Mingzhi technology network security management architecture has been further improved. Each business system has obtained a customized security strategy, realized trusted communication between businesses, and provided a higher level of defense for core data. After repeated experiments, measures have been taken. At the same time, Ruijie ultra fusion system completes the unified management of computing, storage, network, security and operation and maintenance on the unified interface, which greatly improves the efficiency of resource allocation and reduces the difficulty of operation and maintenance

super fusion cloud data center releases new brilliance of green intelligent manufacturing

Super fusion technology not only reduces the subsequent construction cost, but also makes use of our previous four servers; The computer room has also changed from overcrowded to bright and concise, saving almost two-thirds of the cabinet space. The IT director of Mingzhi technology praised the super fusion technology for reducing the cost of the data center and improving the efficiency after simplifying the operation and maintenance. In addition to these, the most worrying thing for us is the centralized management of the operation and maintenance platform. We can complete the work of the previous systems on one platform, and the efficiency is greatly improved

as one of the first batch of green factory demonstrations in China, a pilot enterprise of the integration management system of industrialization and industrialization in Jiangsu Province, and a star of Intelligent Manufacturing in Suzhou, the integration work of Suzhou Mingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. has been recognized by Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the central finance office, Jiangsu Economic and Information Commission and other relevant central and provincial leaders. In the future, Mingzhi technology will continue to adhere to the strategy of strengthening equipment manufacturing, expanding casting production and precision casting service engineering, develop scientifically and innovate continuously. The application of Ruijie super integrated cloud data center solution helps Mingzhi technology release the energy of IT personnel, so that they can have more synthetic leather industry. As a traditional industry with Wenzhou characteristics, they focus more on the optimization and innovation of production business system, so that the green intelligent manufacturing of Mingzhi technology releases a more dazzling light

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