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a safer and more reliable integrated management system for CNC machine tools. At present, China has a considerable number of CNC workshops or hybrid workshops where CNC machine tools coexist with ordinary machine tools. The investment in CNC machine tools or machining centers in these workshops is huge, but due to insufficient production tasks and other reasons, these expensive equipment can not be fully utilized, or even idle, so that the return on investment of enterprises is low. In our country, most of the manufacturing workshops are in the state of single machine operation, except that a few of them operate in the mode of flexible manufacturing system. With the development of computer network and communication technology and the need of manufacturing automation, the requirement of single CNC equipment running together is becoming more and more urgent. Due to the excessive emphasis on logistics automation, flexible manufacturing system has many problems, such as high investment, high risk, poor reliability, slow effectiveness and so on, which is not suitable for large-scale promotion and use. If CNC equipment network system integration is adopted, it can not only improve the utilization rate of CNC equipment, but also promote advanced management manufacturing such as agile manufacturing, which will have a demand for functional, lightweight, miniaturized and green new materials; In view of this kind of situation, the specific practice of the mode in Chinese enterprises has important practical significance in reforming and invigorating large, medium and small state-owned enterprises

at present, among the enterprises developing and promoting CNC machine tools, the "CNC link 4.1 CNC machine tools system" launched by Beijing leitiste company is different. Its connection mode, software kernel, operating system, human-computer interaction and hardware selection are unique. Its feature is that the main server of the network is an industrial PC (industrial computer) with strong anti-interference. The server is pre installed with Linux operating system, CNC link 4.1 communication management system software developed by our company under linux environment, and dual 40g high-speed mirror hard disk with thermal redundancy technology (automatic file backup supports hot plug) redundant card and modem

so what kind of operating system is Linux? In short, Linux is a UNIX like operating system that is free to use and spread. It is a multi-user, multi tasking, multi threading and multi CPU operating system based on POSIX and UNIX. It can run major UNIX tool software, applications and network protocols. It supports 32-bit and 64 bit hardware. Linux inherits the design idea of UNIX with network as the core, and is a multi-user network operating system with stable performance. It is mainly used on computers based on Intel x86 Series CPU. This system is designed and implemented by thousands of programmers all over the world. Its purpose is to establish UNIX compatible products that are not restricted by the copyright of any commercialized software and can be used freely all over the world

linux is famous for its efficiency and flexibility. The modular design structure of Linux makes it not only run on expensive workstations, but also realize all UNIX features on cheap PCs, with the ability of multitasking and multi-user. Linux is obtained free of charge under the GNU Public License. It is an operating system that conforms to the POSIX standard. The Linux operating system software package not only includes the complete Linux operating system, but also includes application software such as texter and high-level language compiler. It also includes an X-Windows graphical user interface with multiple window managers, which allows us to operate the system using windows, icons and menus, just as we use Windows NT

cnclink4.1 CNC machine tool joint system features

first, joint mode:

a star connection: traditional point-to-point connection. Each machine tool is connected with the multi serial port card extended by the industrial control server through 232 serial port and data line. The industrial computer is then connected to the local area through tcp/ip protocol to realize the information exchange of the whole enterprise network

b chain connection: connect all CNC equipment in series one by one through lines, hubs, intelligent Ethernet converters, and serial port lines. The industrial control server is managed by web. Can bus technology and powerful anti-interference chip are used to monitor and proofread all communication characters in real time, so as to ensure the communication quality in the malicious environment

second, the software kernel

a handshake signal compiler for CNC machine tool system based on UNIX development system. Using UNIX multi process CPU allocation technology, we can realize multi-channel real-time DNC communication that wendows can't achieve. It avoids mutual interference and crash when wendows responds to multiple events. Look at the bus technology to flow control and proofread every character in the communication process. To ensure the correctness of communication information

III. operating system:

it is the only enterprise that chose Linux as the operating system platform when the current operating system market pattern formed the three pillars of windows, Linux and UNIX. As shown in the figure: the equipment composed of the production equipment group and the management composed of the factory enterprise management department exist in two different operating system platforms -- Linux and windows. They also maintain mutual contact and communication through tcp/ip protocol. Every working point on the Ethernet controls and manages the device network server through the network protocol at any time, and the device network server automatically transmits, processes, saves and records the information from the production and processing equipment through "cnclink4.0 automatic CNC system management software" under the Linux operating system. Because the source codes of windows and Linux are different, and the communication protocol is standard. This device network can fundamentally eliminate the attack and virus infringement on windows from Ethernet while communicating. Once the Ethernet is paralyzed and shaken, the device network will still work normally and in good condition

IV. interactive communication operation platform:

cnclin4.1 operate and repeat it several times until it is cleaned. The platform is an interpersonal interactive operation platform developed under the wendwos environment, and it is the third generation product of lattice company. It is a completely Chinese version of wendwos operation interface. The picture is intuitive and the operation is simple. Suitable for any wendows/9x/xp/2000/nt environment

v. hardware environment

cnclink4.1 the hardware environment of the CNC machine tool joint system is the guarantee of the stable operation of the system. It selects a professional industrial computer, and is equipped with automatic switching thermal redundancy technology hard disk and card, so that the real-time network data can be automatically backed up. When the card fails, the network will be switched to another card to ensure the smooth connection between local management and CNC machine tools. CPU is a strong anti-interference CPU selected by the driving computer in the current automotive industry. The communication line adopts super class 5 shielded twisted pair, and all connections are connected by modular connectors

overview: CNC link4.1 management system can not only solve the communication service of NC program, but also the multi process communication management core of Linux system can respond to DNC requests of multiple different types of NC machine tools at the same time, so as to realize the real simultaneous processing of multiple machine tools and super large programs

each PC management workstation in the enterprise local area can install CNC link4.1 client on windows9x/nt/xp and other operating systems. This interface is full Chinese interface and window operation mode. A public program storage area is set in the customer management interface, and the administrator can standardize the management of different kinds of part programs by establishing a directory tree. At the same time, public programs can be distributed and shared in the whole network. The system also sets up separate storage areas for the programs to be processed and upload programs for each device in the network. The administrator can put the part programs to be processed into the storage areas of the programs to be processed of different machine tools for the machine tool operators to browse and call. The administrator can also see the modified processing program uploaded by the machine tool after the part processing is completed in the upload program storage area of the machine tool, and view, sort out and re archive it through the file comparison function

the network structure adopts the bipolar management mode of separating the main server from the Ethernet management area. If the enterprise Ethernet collapses due to virus attack or communication failure leads to network paralysis, all data information stored in the main server will not be lost, and the communication between the main server and the NC equipment will not be affected, which can ensure the normal production of the workshop

successful cases:

1 Beijing turbine motor Co., Ltd. (state-owned enterprise)

pre connection: the processed workpiece is large in volume and complex in shape, and the processing procedure is very large. Most machine tools are processed by DNC processing programs, and the technicians are constantly busy beside the processing machine tools in each workshop, using notebook computers to transmit echoing NC files. Due to the large number of equipment, when there are a little more large-scale production tasks in the workshop, the technicians are busy, the equipment is waiting for work, and the program management archiving is chaotic, which affects the production and increases the production preparation time

after connection: the program technician places the designed program on the server, and the machine tool operator only needs to search through the network through the operation panel on the machine tool, download and upload the processing program or DNC processing under his own machine tool directory on the server. All departments of the enterprise can manage the information recorded by the CNC machine tool joint server with different permissions through the enterprise local area according to their own different management authorizations

after nearly two years of use, the system is stable and reliable. At present, when we are very nervous about the careful research, processing and manufacturing of power equipment, we will complete the order on time with quality and quantity guaranteed. Craft technicians who have never had a complete rest during the Spring Festival have completed their tasks easily

2. An aerospace enterprise (military industry)

because the enterprise has many CNC systems, there are many kinds of processing and complexity. Most NC programs need to be kept on file. Therefore, in order to improve the safety and reliability of products produced by military enterprises, a complete file management should be established Using the new safe and reliable cnclink4.1 communication system, a complete set of NC program file management is established. Realize the production scheduling management function of NC machine tools, make full use of the communication function of NC machine tools, so that workers can view their own production work plans on the NC machine tools, and can feed back information such as the completion time of parts, actual working hours and other information to the planning and scheduling system through the NC network, so as to realize the automatic management of NC machine tool production scheduling management. Changing the production plan at that time depends on the dispatcher's experience, and the production scheduling depends on the dispatcher's backward way of one mouth and two legs to realize the automation of production scheduling arrangement, optimize the production plan and on-site production control, improve the complete set rate of product processing, reduce the phenomenon of idling and slowdowns in production, and improve labor productivity. By processing and summarizing the relevant data, the personnel management and production management of the workshop can be automated. Establish a seamless management platform for products from design to production

3. Jiangsu Taicang stamping equipment company (wholly owned by Germany)

improve labor productivity and reduce labor costs

as it is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, the staff cost and mobility are relatively high, the production management adopts the standards of foreign enterprises, and the processing information requires integration, automation and integration with the enterprise information construction. Cnclink4.0 system not only fulfilled the requirements of the enterprise, but also ensured the accuracy of production information and the completion of production tasks in the environment of power shortage in Jiangsu and Zhejiang this summer and sudden power failure of the enterprise

4. Xianyang rainbow group mold company (a joint-stock listed company)

transform old equipment, establish a seamless platform for mold design and production - cad/cam-dnc, and establish an electronic chemical plant

after bidding, the company and Xi'an Huanyu Group won the bid together, and built it in the form of chain network connection

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